Bone Regeneration
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Gum diseases becomes more and more likely as people get older. Unfortunately, not only does gum disease often result in tooth loss, but it can also cause bone loss. In the event that gum disease causes bone loss, bone regeneration Ft Lauderdale is necessary to prevent further tooth loss and to prepare the patient’s jawbone for dental implants. 

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What Is Bone Regeneration?

When gum disease is in its early stages, the dentist will use scaling, root planning, and other non-surgical procedures to treat the gum disease and remove the infection and dental tartar below the gum line. The dentist will them attempt to smooth the area to give the tissues a chance to repair themselves. If the bone has been lost, the hard tissue will no longer be able to self-repair, making these non-surgical procedures ineffective.

Bone regeneration refers to a periodontal surgical procedure that regenerates tissue and the jaw bone to fix the damage inflicted by the periodontal disease. This surgical procedure is frequently performed to protect the soft tissues and the existing teeth to ensure they remain in place.

Bone regeneration is also beneficial for patients who are missing teeth and are unable to get dental implants for whatever reason. Bone loss is an inevitable consequence of tooth loss. While dentures and a dental bridge will slow down bone loss, it will not stop this loss entirely. Dental implants can resolve the issue of bone loss. However, the procedure will only be successful if there is a sufficient amount of jawbone. Bone regeneration can prepare patients who have suffered significant jawbone loss for dental implants.

How Does Bone Regeneration Work?

The bone regeneration procedure begins with the dentist removing all dental plaque and tartar from the gum line. The dentist will then place biocompatible membranes between the gums and bone. The purpose of the barrier is to serve as a barrier between the gums and bone tissue and to encourage the bone tissue to grow.

Bone regeneration is an effective way to treat slow down bone loss and prepare a patient for dental implants. For more information about bone regeneration Ft Lauderdale, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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