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cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
Ft. Lauderdale

Discover the difference a beautiful smile can make in your life. 1500 Dental ccosmetic dentistry Ft. Lauderdale can restore your smile and give you the confidence that your appearance is a direct reflection of your inner self. If you are a new patient looking for the best dental procedure to correct your smile, contact our dental professionals today.

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If you are looking for one of the best ways to improve your appearance, start by improving your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of the dental profession that specializes in dental procedures that can dramatically enhance your smile, increase your self-confidence, and improve the way you improve the way your teeth function. From tooth color correction to replacing missing teeth, to dental bonding – 1500 Dental cosmetic dentistry Ft. Lauderdale offers many options to restore your smile. Three of the most common cosmetic dental enhancements are:

  • Teeth Whitening – is a popular option for those who want to brighten their smiles and is common cosmetic dentistry procedure in the Ft Lauderdale area. Your dentist can perform in-office teeth whitening for best results, or they can provide an at-home solution which includes whitening gels and a special mold to fit your teeth. A professional teeth whitening procedure is far more effective than over-the-counter options.
  • Dental Veneers – can offer the most striking change in a patients smile. Front teeth imperfections and discolorations are covered with a continuous, wafer-thin shell that is made of a resin or porcelain tooth-colored material. You have surely noticed the perfect teeth of most Hollywood entertainers – that’s the work of a good cosmetic dentist’s ability to reshape the smile with dental veneers.
  • Dental Crowns – will fit right over broken or decayed teeth. Instead of having the broken tooth removed, a dental crown made of ceramic, metal, resin, or porcelain can be fused right above the gum line to restore a natural shape, appearance, or size. Even a weak or cracked tooth can be saved with a dental crown.

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