Dental Crowns
Ft. Lauderdale

A dental crown is one of the simplest and most effective methods of stopping dental decay. Crowns are simple, strong pieces of material formed in the shape of a tooth. They are simply placed over a tooth that has been prepared to receive it and then attached with dental adhesive. This adhesive is strong and durable, holding the crown effortlessly in place through even the most exacting activity.

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Crowns are one of the oldest forms of dental intervention, and they are also one of the most consistently successful. Since they are formed from an impression of the tooth and fabricated outside of the mouth, often in a laboratory or factory, they can be made from any number of materials. The most common are metal alloys and porcelain. Gold alloy crowns are particularly treasured, as they have a distinctive appearance and metallurgical qualities that make them ideal for dental crowns. For example, they expand and contract with changes in temperature, allowing them to rest comfortably in the mouth as the person encounters the variety of environments they move through in the day. There are also palladium and other metallic alloys available, and those who choose porcelain will have nearly the same limitless choices as those who opt for metal. Porcelain tends to be whiter, which makes it a perfect choice for front teeth that will be seen in a smile or conversation, but it has a higher tendency to fracture under pressure. This makes it less suitable for the molars in the back.

For quality installation of a dental crown Ft Lauderdale has some of the best choices in America. Established dentists from all across Florida have come to Ft. Lauderdale to provide quality care in a cost-effective setting. The necessary preparation and construction required for dental crown installation is carried out by trained professionals, and the patient can be sure that all precarious areas of the tooth will be thoroughly addressed before the crown is placed.

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