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Getting dentures has changed a lot over the years, but it can still be a fearful experience, You need a dentist office you can trust to help you get a second chance at having a great smile. 1500 Dental is a team of professionals that are concerned about your comfort throughout the process.

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Traditional dentures may be on their way out, but they are still available.  Dentures are used when there are several teeth missing and you want to restore your mouth to health.

1500 Dental’s Dentures in Ft. Lauderdale improves confidence and self-image in people who get dentures. They support a normal diet, help with speech and even facial structure. All of these things are affected negatively when you are missing a lot of teeth.

The next wave of dental care is dental implant dentures, which may replace traditional dentures in the coming years. This revolutionary technology puts implants into your jaw, which become part of the jaw, and the dentures are placed permanently over the implants.

Our experienced and well-trained staff can advise you on which dentures are the best for your situation.

Our program starts with a free consultation with our staff. It is there a plan is created to replace your teeth with dentures.  With a thorough consultation, 1500 Dental will set up a series of critical appointments to get your smile to the confident feel necessary for optimal results. We also offer advice and training on how to take care of dentures Ft Lauderdale.

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