Periodontal Disease
Ft. Lauderdale

Unlike milder gum disease, periodontal disease causes serious problems for both teeth and gums, and it can lead to bacterial infections. With periodontal disease Ft Lauderdale residents will have gums that have pulled away from the teeth. This creates gaps that allow bacteria inside to thrive until the patient has an infection.

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There are several steps that can be taken to treat even highly advanced cases of this gum disease. A thorough cleaning (scaling) of the teeth is often the first step. Then, depending on the severity of the disease, there may be other treatments such as oral medications, reshaping of the teeth, antibiotic gels and surgery. For advanced cases, surgery may be needed to save the affected teeth and prevent damage from being done to the ligaments as well as the bones.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease Ft Lauderdale Residents Should Watch For:

If you have pain while chewing, this may be your first indiction of this condition. Over time, it causes gums to recede, the teeth to become misaligned, bad breath that persists, seeing spaces between the gums and teeth, having teeth become sensitive and/or loose and the formation of sores inside your mouth. If you have one or more of these symptoms, speak up during your next dental appointment or schedule a new appointment to have these concerns inspected. If you have periodontal disease, it takes professional treatment to keep it from getting worse and causing more damage to your teeth, gums, tissues and bones.

A common way to treat this condition is called flap surgery. This is often done when tooth scaling and the smoothing of rough areas on the roots aren’t successful in ending the condition. With this type of surgery, the gum pockets are cleared of tartar buildup and those pockets are then stitched closed to create a tighter fit of the gums on the teeth. This will leave no gaps behind for infections to build up, and it will make brushing and flossing far more comfortable.

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