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Root Canal
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A root canal is a common procedure used to alleviate the pain and save the base of the tooth. A dentist known as an endodontist removes pulp from within the tooth, cleans the area, and a crown is placed over the opening. The procedure requires a couple of visits to the dentist. The root canal prevents additional deterioration of the tooth.

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Getting to the Root to Solve the Problem

Tooth discomfort may occur for a variety of reasons. One common source of pain is when the pulp within a tooth deteriorates due to injury or infection. Located in the center of the tooth, the pulp has cells, nerves, and connective tissues that nourish the tooth and keep it healthy.  Nerves and blood vessels from this pulp reach through narrow, threadlike passageways into the jawbone. If the pulp becomes diseased, the pain in the base and area surrounding the tooth will increase and the damaged tooth may need to be removed.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

A patient may need a root canal if they experience pain while chewing or notice increased sensitivity that persists after ingesting anything cold or hot. Sometimes, the gums will feel tender or become extra-sensitive near a tooth. If you notice these signs, contact your dentist at 1500 Dental for an appointment so we can assess the situation.

What Does It Involve?

In most cases, an endodontist will apply a local anesthesia near the tooth. After that, the damaged pulp is removed, The endodontist will thoroughly clean and seal the injured tooth and place a temporary crown on the site. A permanent crown is created and will be affixed during a follow-up visit.

On rare occasions, the dentist may discuss other alternatives if they believe the endodontic treatment will not be successful.

If you think you may need a root canal Ft Lauderdale residents and others in Broward should contact 1500 Dental.

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