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Sedation Dentistry
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If you find yourself growing more and more nervous before each dentist’s visit, you’re not alone: An estimated 9 to 15 percent of American adults avoid seeing the dentist due to anxiety or fear about the process. But avoiding the dentist won’t solve your dental issues, and could lead to more invasive treatments as minor problems develop into major ones.

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For many who have dental anxiety, sedation dentistry Ft. Lauderdale may be the answer. By medically calming yourself before the process even begins, you’ll be able to escape your swirling thoughts and undergo treatment without any added stress. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits sedation dentistry can provide.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication, taken just prior to the dental procedure, that will put you in a state of calm sleepiness. Although you won’t be completely “out,” as happens with anesthesia, you’ll be in a much more relaxed state of mind and more easily able to let your thoughts move past the procedure you’re about to undergo.

Once the dental procedure has finished, you’ll need to have a friend, loved one, or private taxi service transport you home. Driving yourself home after undergoing sedation dentistry isn’t advised.

Sedation dentistry may be used for invasive treatments or procedures, like root canals or crowns, or—for those who have a great deal of dental anxiety surrounding routine checkups—any time you go to the dentist.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You? 

If you’re curious about this treatment but aren’t sure you’re a good candidate, talk to your dentist or the professionals at 1500 Dental today. The medications used for sedation dentistry are generally safe, but for patients who have pre-existing heart or respiratory problems, alternatives may be needed. By working with your dental professional to ensure the sedation medication you’re taking is right for you, you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free dental procedure.

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